Flow Screed

What Is Flowing Screed?

Flow screed is made from a by-product of gypsum and is also known as liquid screed or anhydrite screed. It forms a  smooth, solid and even sub-floor. We simply pump the flow screed onto the surface and then laser-level it for a more accurate finish.

Working to your specifications, we assess all areas requiring screed using laser levels. We then set tripods to make sure we achieve the right level, and then position them in each area.

When we pump our screed, it has a free flowing consistency which makes it fast and simple to lay, saving you time and money.

Flowing screed dries extremely quickly under the right conditions and can be applied in a thinner layer than traditional flooring materials – 35mm instead of 75mm – which also makes it significantly quicker and cheaper, especially for larger projects.

However, there’s no negative impact on the end result. On the contrary, flowing screed gives a stronger and more resilient result than regular screed, so your new floor will actually last longer.

Flow screed is the ideal option for both domestic and commercial flooring projects – we just modify the flow to suit the area of the floor space.

Flow Screed Benefits


Whether you’re a contractor or you’re taking on a home construction project yourself, we can look after your floors for extensions, re-fits and new builds.


From office blocks to housing developments, concert halls and everything in between, our flow screed pumps are perfect for basements and can even pump as high as seven floors.


Do you need flooring for a large industrial space? Using our screed pumps and our industrial flow screed is the fastest and most effective way to cover large areas.

Our Service

We provide end-to-end flow screed services in Greater London, Surrey, Kent and the South East. We can quote for your project just from the details you give us in our online quote request form.

Or, if you prefer, we can discuss your project in more detail and can visit your site to help review the specific requirements for your project.

Our team can offer advice and will get the job done quickly and efficiently, with unparalleled quality. No matter how large or small your project, you will have a Team Manager on site to make sure everything runs smoothly.

We provide a full service – this includes fitting a damp-proof membrane, insulation boards, perimeter edging, vapour barrier, and helping with any underfloor heating requirements.

Just fill out our online quote request form or call us on 07312 537579 for more information.

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